What We Offer?

We offer different types of coaching for chess students and players. The coaching provided is professional, curriculum based and students specific. Students can make use of them to get benefited in every way. We also focus on the progress of the students by analyzing with our statistical tool. 

Online Classes

Conduct interactive One to One or One to Many classes with a real time board.

Personal Classes

Conduct interactive individual effective training programs for setting goals, and more …

Group Classes

Conduct Open Classroom where all the students under coach can attend classes.

Master Classes

Conduct interactive classes taught by top-level coaches in a particular area.

Our Benefits

6 Essential Characteristics of our Academy

Invested Administration and Leadership Team

An invested leadership team produces invested students. In thriving Academies, the administration and leadership team set the tone for a healthy climate and have a direct correlation to player achievement.

Viable Standards-Based

Effective training programs strategically design curriculum with purpose and strategic intent. With the end goal in mind, classes, and units plot a course for student learning without gaps or unnecessary redundancies.


Athletic programs create opportunities for student to compete at the highest level of interscholastic sports and foster within each individual a desire and commitment to excellence of practice and performance.


A diverse school environment contributes back to the educational process by celebrating a multi-voiced Academy culture which teaches students to welcome a multitude of perspectives.

Parental Involvement

Our Academy build strong partnerships with parents and effective educators understand that the task of developing successful players is shared with the child’s most powerful influences at home.

Searching Specific Students Talent

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