African Chess

What We Offer ?

We offer different types of coaching for chess students and players. The coaching provided is professional, curriculum based and students specific.Students can make use of them to get benefited in every way. We also focus on the progress of the students by analyzing with our statistical tool. 

Parents Review

"We heard all about the dynamic way the teachers deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter is learning so much. Thank you so much ACA"
Chima Diallo
"No words can describe how thankful I and my husband to have Anya be part of ACA, What a year for Anya and especially for us parents Thank you very much for your leadership
Natasha Kovalenko


Our Academy require Coach certifications and continual training to develop high-quality instructors. Staff members also benefit from regularly scheduled opportunities to collaborate and share best practices. When our academy prioritize professional development, students are likely to experience engaging instruction, relevant coursework, and authentic assessments.

Measurable Achievement and Progress

Players assessments should not just be used to communicate final grades or rank students. Our academy use assessments to guide individual learners along the journey to academic achievement. Many layers and styles of assessments can be used to create an accurate understanding of student learning. Some of these assessments should include well-

Safe and Secure Environment

Our academy recognize that a secure environment is not only about locked doors and safety drills. Of course, Our academy have the equipment and procedures necessary to ward off accidents and potential threats. However, a safe environment also means that our children feel accepted by the community, valued as an individual, and supported by teachers and peers.

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